Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bailout Needed: Michigan Malibus

Like an abandoned car left on the side of road, the Michigan Malibus were found stripped-down and rusting out after a dismal 59-91 season. Under previous management, the Michigan franchise had not won the division since 2000, which dates back to pre-expansion, so let the rebuilding begin. Michigan's new manager just happens to be a veteran of Benchwarmer Baseball and guided the Milford Mohawks (now Oklahoma Rufneks) to the Hall of Fame League Championship in 2006 (before taking a hiatus).

Strengths: minor league system, featuring most prominently top prospects Madison Bumgarner, Josh Vitters, and Dexter Fowler. Also, Michigan has a considerable amount of cash in the coffers, which will be needed to complete a starting rotation, add spot starters, and acquire one more reliever for the bullpen.

Weaknesses: outfield, consisting of Frederick Lewis, Ty Wiggington, and Ryan Spilborghs

Fortunately for Michigan, they are not decidedly the worst team in the division as the similarly miserable New Fairfield Neanderthals (48-102 last year) make good company. Both Michigan and New Fairfield will be fighting eachother to stay out of last place in the division and hoping a .500 season is within reach.


swanjon said...

New Fairfield = Kelly Smith in 2008. Need I say more?

fatpunx said...

that cash will go quickly just to plug gaps

lets not forget that mohawks team was built as an expansion franchise and was swindeled by a jealous jon swanson who took all my cash away in a move very prescient to obama's communist movement...that team won well over 100 games and lost in the world series on some "random" draws which allocated johan's worst start of the year to one of the WS games

jon i may have been gone for some time but those scars run deep

michigan will rise again