Monday, May 4, 2009

BWB Newbie School: Setting Lineups

I recently had an e-mail exchange with one of the new players to Benchwarmer Baseball for this year regarding the timing of setting lineups. I thought it would be helpful to post my thoughts from that exchange here, and ask for any additional thoughts from the experienced BWB players (as I may be wrong!):

Q: Our roster is illegal but the site is not allowing line-up changes.

A: In looking at the Transaction Schedule, the past set of add/drops were during Week 4, which means those players will be available for the Week 5 games. Although it currently says your lineup is illegal, you will have an opportunity to set your Week 5 lineups before that week starts, so you will not have an illegal lineup for any weeks.

In a sense, you are setting your lineups for a week in advance, so perfect timing is very tricky with BWB. I take an approach whereby I set a lineup that is fairly all-weather (one that can endure 1 or 2 players being injured) to avoid this difficulty.

So, don't sweat it like you would a regular ROTO league where you set lineups every Monday. The deadlines will be fluid over the season due to the nature of the real MLB games having rain-outs, so I just check-in when Jon sends out an e-mail, and when it says you can make changes to your team, that's when I do it. That approach has served me well.

Jon and others: any additional advice that you can impart on this topic?