Friday, June 5, 2009

Experts League To-Date: Top 3 Positive Surprises

In my Benchwarmer Baseball Experts League season preview, I detailed my brief analysis for the outlooks for all of the Experts' teams.

After comparing my review with the current standings, these are my top 3 positive surprises in the league to date:

1. Jerry King's Rock Ridge Specials standing in first place in their division by 2 games (I picked them 2nd) despite losing Manny to suspension, suffering through Fatty Kruk's slow start, and having Carlos Quentin playing injured.

2. Tom Harms' Heat Wave Hot being 1 GB in a closely fought division. Honestly, the team still doesn't look that strong to me and may be susceptible to fading in the standings. If Tom can make some roster adjustments to sure-up a depleted starting pitching staff, perhaps he can hang around.

3. Brad Berreman's Fantasy Outsiders having the overall best record in the league with a winning percentage of .682. Of course, it helps to play in the same division as the single worst team in the league, Collin Hager's Erie Warriors, who is mired at 13-31. Regardless, I figured the Fantasy Outsiders for 3rd in the division at the beginning of the season. Powered by A-Gone and A-Rod, the team is currently injury free and should put up a good battle versus Howard Bender's 2nd place RotoBuzz Boyzz (tied for the 2nd best record in the league).

The races are all fairly close and roster management very well may be the deciding factor in determining the division leaders at the end of the season.

Vote in the sidebar poll for (up to) 3 experts you think have the best chance of winning it all this year.

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