Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New BWB Payout League for 2010: Murderers' Row League

Starting in 2010 there will be another "money" league in the BWB fold (much like the Beer League) called the Murderers' Row league. All the managers pay their usual team fee (although it's discounted in this case) plus pay some additional prize-money cash which is aggregated into the payout pool. Payouts are distributed according to finishing results at the end of the season. The all-in payment for each manager will be $75. With 16 teams, that would make $1,200 in pay-ins, and subtracting out the $550 league fee, $650 remains for year-end cash payouts.

The payouts will be as follows:

Division winners: $50 each ($200 total)
League Runner-up: $150 more
League Champion : $300 more

This league has been constructed to include the most experienced, active, and dominant BWB managers from all the existing leagues: a Murderers' Row. Of the 16 slots available, 13 are already spoken for:

1 Andy Marquis
2 Dave Regan
3 Jacob Vass
4 Jerry King
5 Leif Jonson/Scott Campbell
6 Mike Prohaska
7 Phil Dang
8 Sherman Wan
9 Tom Twomey
10 Adam Wilson
11 Jesse Roche
12 Anthony Citarella
13 Matt Strawbridge

I am now opening up the last 3 slots for anyone else who may be interested in joining. The selection process will not be strictly first-come, first-served, as I will additionally be considering number of years played in BWB and past performances, but being amongst the first to respond certainly won't hurt. I would like to finalize the manager lineup by Halloween.

If you are interested, please leave a comment or even better, e-mail me here.

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