Thursday, February 5, 2009

Benchwarmer Baseball Players with "At Bat" Upsides

Here is a list of players that had limited At Bats in the 2008 season (and therefore should be priced at a discount in Benchwarmer Baseball), but could be looking at considerably more playing time in 2009:

100-199 At Bats

Russell Branyan (previously featured here)
Chris Dickerson
Miguel Montero
J.R. Towles

200-299 At Bats

Hank Blalock
Jeff Clement
Elijah Dukes (previously featured here)
Jerry Hairston Jr.
Brandon Moss
Juan Rivera
Ryan Spilborghs
Eugenio Velez

300-399 At Bats

Ryan Church
Coco Crisp (previously featured here)
Blake DeWitt
J.D. Drew
Franklin Gutierrez
Dernard Span
Howie Kendrick
Justin Upton

I've probably missed a bunch, but these stood out.

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