Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reviewed: Commissioner's League Draft -- Rounds 1-2

Here is my review of the Commissioner's League Draft, which I understand to be a live, fully-transparent, snake-style draft for the initial rounds (someone please correct me if I am wrong):

Round 1
Overall Pick Round Pick Team Player ML Team Salary Position
1 1 Bellerose Alex Rodriguez NYY 6500 3B
2 2 Alfalfa C.C. Sabathia NYY 9596 SP
3 3 Greenville Johan Santana NYM 9252 SP
4 4 Andy Hanley Ramirez Fla 5502 SS
5 5 Airborne Albert Pujols StL 8190 1B
6 6 Shadow Ridge Ryan Howard Phi 7363 1B
7 7 California Jose Reyes NYM 5036 SS
8 8 Benchwarmer David Wright NYM 8142 3B
9 9 Sara's Evan Longoria TB 1437 3B
10 10 St. Nido Roy Halladay Tor 7595 SP
11 11 Elbow Deep Mariano Rivera NYY 7508 RP
12 12 Humpback Franco Liriano Min 751 SP
13 13 Rusty Joe Nathan Min 7221 RP
14 14 Budapest Brandon Webb Ari 7205 SP
15 15 South Park Jacob Peavy SD 6528 SP
16 16 Turley Derek Jeter NYY 4330 SS

Best Pick: No contest: Evan Longoria -- With a salary of 1437, Longoria is controllable and extremely productive. Longoria should be one of the top 3B in the game and can also be put under 2-yr contract for 1911 (2010) + 2500 (2011) = 4411, for a 3-yr total payout of 5848. Compare that to only 1 year of A-Rod (6500) or David Wright (8142!). Great Pick.

Honorable mention: Francisco Liriano may prove to be a steal at only 751. He has ace stuff, so if he can remain healthy (he was babied last year recovering from his elbow injury) and can find his 2006 form, he will be in the running for the AL Cy Young Award.

Round 2
Overall Pick Round Pick Team Player ML Team Salary Position
17 1 Turley Johnny Damon NYY 3294 OF
18 2 South Park Chad Billingsly LAD 3968 SP
19 3 Budapest Chase Utley Phi 5738 2B
20 4 Rusty F Rodriguez NYM 6684 RP
21 5 Humpback Mark Teixeira NYY 5104 1B
22 6 Elbow Deep Tim Lincecum SF 6491 SP
23 7 St. Nido Justin Morneau Min 6479 1B
24 8 Sara's Ian Kinsler Tex 2276 2B
25 9 Benchwarmer Matt Holliday Oak 6234 OF
26 10 California Dustin Pedroia Bos 5130 2B
27 11 Shadow Ridge Manny Ramirez FA 5789 OF
28 12 Airborne Lance Berkman Hou 6198 1B
29 13 Andy Jo Papelbon Bos 4538 RP
30 14 Greenville Miguel Cabrera Det 5980 1B, 3B
31 15 Alfalfa Grady Sizemore Cle 5920 OF
32 16 Bellerose Josh Hamilton Tex 4696 OF

Best Pick: Ian Kinsler -- a top 2B, 2276 -- what's not to like? Phil Dang strikes again!

Honorable mention: Mark Teixeira may very well be worth considerably more than 5104 playing in NY's lineup. He'll definately outperform Dustin Pedroia (5130) next year. Bank on it.

I took a look at Round 3, but it looks odd: Dayan Viciedo, Junichi Tazawa, Greg Halman, Jose Tabata, and Carlos Santana were all drafted. Was there a rule about having to select at least one mid-tier prospect?

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swanjon said...

3rd round: Yeah - this was a rule for dealing with teams that weren't present for the draft and didn't submit a list ahead of time. It's probably something that will change, but after two rounds of picking the top salaried player available, the 3rd round was to pick a player just added to the BWB player list in 2008.

Typically in the list drafts, these are the type of players that get a lot of action...but I saw that didn't happen at all in the live draft.

While it was potentially a wasted pick for these teams, what it did at least do was to moderate the salary cap issue for them. One thing that showed up in the live draft (I'm guilty too) was overspending and being kind of hamstrung in finishing out the roster.

Probably in future live drafts we need to fully emphasize doing a list in advance...and modify the auto-pick rules to not necessarily pick prospects, but to look for lower salaries. By the third round this time too we were dealing with 6-7 absentees.