Sunday, July 12, 2009

All-Star Break Baseball Recommended Reading

Here are some recent baseball articles I have come across that have been pretty fun reading:

Earl Weaver: A Mind For The Game
from Tom Verducci at Sports Illustrated. Weaver was always fiery and I remember him getting tossed out of so many games against the Yankees. But he was money well before Moneyball.

This Rickey Henderson Sports Illustrated article isn't new, but it's another Tom Verducci classic. Also, Rickey wants to remind GM's to not forget about him just because he's going into the Hall of Fame this year.

Today marks the 30th year anniversary of Disco Demolition Night at the old Comiskey Park. Here is the New York Times retrospective and the old local news coverage (h/t for the video: 1980 Topps).

Good-bye Sister Disco.

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Dean Family said...

Thanks so much for the acknowledgement - I appreciate the link!