Friday, July 3, 2009

Newbie School: Time to Cut Bait

An extremely important date is on the horizon for Benchwarmer Baseball: The Final Day for Salary Rebates. This year the deadline is July 15th -- a Wednesday, and just 10 days away.

Any player that you release by that day, you will receive back 40% of their salary. Release the player after that... you get stugots. It's like going to the Salvation Army with your old lava lamp, double-breasted suits, and Van Halen CD collection... and getting a tax receipt in return! It's junk you didn't want anyways, so why not monetize it?

I look through my roster and put to each player "The Questions": 1) is this player helping me this year to win a championship, and 2) will I keep this player for next year? If you have two "No" answers, either try to trade the dead-weight for a player that gives you a "Yes", or else just make an outright release. That's good money you can use to extend contracts or use in the off-season.

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swanjon said...

This sorta goes without saying...but just so newbies don't cut with reckless abandon - you don't get any rebate for players making 200 or less.

It might still be valid to cut one of these players, but don't do it just for salary rebate reasons.

Same goes for players already under contract (in case you've taken over an Orphan team). You get no rebate for players under contract. The transaction page wrapup on salary cost/rebate doesn't handle this correctly (future fix). The exception to this is if your player's contract is for 2010 or beyond and his 2009 salary was paid in full this season. In that case, you'll see an asterisk after the contract year on your roster page (e.g., 2011*) and you'd get a pro-rated rebate for the 2009 portion of his salary.

Again, cutting might make sense - but won't be a cash benefit to you.